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Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates (POA), known for its revolutionary and custom approach, has now come to the southeast, with its new location in Chattanooga, led by above the knee amputee Ronnie Dickson and his team.

The POA Difference

The Prosthetic and Orthotic (POA) approach is different. It has been honed after countless hours of working with challenging cases. Our mission is to provide a prosthesis that is comfortable, aligned for your body, and feels like it is a part of you. We do this with customized silicone technology, proprietary fitting techniques, advanced alignment systems, and cutting edge fabrication. The gods are in the details!

We have worked with clients from over fifty different countries, including numerous military veterans. They travel from all across the United States and the world for the quality of our services.

Our commitment is to support you through every step of your journey. Our relaxed, community atmosphere helps create a positive environment where you can feel at home, connect with others, and thrive.

“I had been living with limb loss for years and had never met another amputee. At POA I got the opportunity to meet and share stories with amputees and people with other disabilities from all walks of life. That helped give me strength!”

-Ronnie Dickson, POATN founder.

POA sees patients of all ages and activity levels. Whether you are in need of a prosthetic/orthotic device that will simply allow you to move around your home, or one that will make climbing a mountain possible, we will find the perfect fit.

Without question my post amputation association with Ronnie Dickson has been the main factor that has given me my life back.

John Murphy

The POATN Story

POA has now come to the southeast, with its new location in Chattanooga, led by above the knee amputee Ronnie Dickson and his team.

“The POA approach changed my life. I put on my leg in the morning, and take it off when I go to bed at night. Most days I don’t think twice about it. This is true freedom.

A pain free life, without limits. This was my goal when I had my left leg amputated above the knee when I was seventeen years old. I was fit with my first prosthetic legs as a young adult and had really high expectations for what I would be able to do with them. I wanted to run, climb, bike, hike and do all of the things that I could not enjoy previously! The same problem arose that did before, except this time it was my prosthesis that was the source of the discomfort.

I knew things could be different, there had to be other options. Researching far and wide, I found the POA approach had worked for thousands. Would it work for me too?”

“I’ve been able to climb mountains, complete a triathlon, ride a bike, run, travel the world, be a husband, provide for my family and best of all help thousands of people shatter their boundaries.”

POA changed my life ten years ago, and now this approach can help change yours. We are going to enjoy helping people across Tennessee and the southeast have access to our innovative quality of care and patient first attitude.

Each one of our stories is meant to be different, but the most important part is not having any limitations in writing your own.

My POA socket and leg alignment feels smooth. It is secure enough to complete Spartan Race, which I never could have dreamed of doing before.

Mitch Morgan

A Statement from our Founder

The fit of your prosthetic/orthotic device has a huge impact on quality of life.

My first prosthetic legs caused sores on the inside of my groin, and pain on the bottom after just a couple of hours of walking. After trying several different options, I began to think it was just me.

The shape of my leg was different, so I had problems with it coming off when I would sit or walk. This made it hard just to do the simple things every day. It was really frustrating.

I was not ready to give up on living the life I knew I wanted. After searching far and wide, I met Stan Patterson and the POA Orlando team. Within a week they had me up and walking on a leg that didn’t cause me pain, that fit and felt like a part of me.

It was that day I knew I wanted to do for others what POA did for me!

“Your prosthesis should fit comfortably, discomfort is not something that you should “get used to”. Any pain will likely get worse with time, not better.”


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