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Prosthetic Services

Prosthetic care has advanced leaps and bounds in the last twenty years. While technology changes rapidly, one core fundamental remains unchanged; the socket has to fit securely, and comfortably to be able to get the most benefit.

“I’d rather walk on a wood stick with a socket that is comfortable, than have the million dollar leg but be in pain” Why have the million dollar leg if you can’t use it?

Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice fit or function, you can have BOTH!

Our Approach

Silicone liner technology and proprietary fitting techniques allow us to custom tailor a fit that is unique for each individual. You wouldn’t build a house on a foundation of sand, would you? Neither would we! This means less skin breakdown, irritation, sores, and more time doing the things you love!

Advanced alignment methods allow us to get the most bang for our buck out of the prosthetic components. We do this using static laser alignment, and slow motion video analysis to properly balance you on the prosthesis. Less back pain, smoother walk, more control and stability.

Our suspension methods make the prosthesis feel like a part of you. It moves when you move, giving you more confidence in your next step. Suspension so strong we can literally hold you upside down by it.

Cutting edge fabrication, done on-site, allows us to have full control of the quality and turn-around time of your prosthesis. Strong, lightweight, tailored for your lifestyle. We don’t have to wait a week or more for it to come back to us and we make sure the job is done right.

Gait training is an important, but overlooked part of the process. Incorporating methods learned from years of working with physical therapists and athletic trainers we spend the time to make sure you are able to utilize the prosthesis to your maximum potential. This could be one day, one month, everybody is different and we want YOU to succeed.

I love the fact that with POA I am not just a client. I am a part of a community of amputees who have a passion for living life to the fullest

Chris Morgan

Our Prosthetic Services

Core Services

Creating an optimal fitting socket:

  • Ankle Disarticulation/Symes
  • Below the Knee
  • Above the Knee/Knee Disarticulation
  • Hip Disarticulation
  • Bilateral
  • Pediatric

Additional Services

Athletic Grants

We collaborate with the Challenged Athletes Foundation to fulfill grants for sports prostheses.

3D printed protective covers

UNYQ and Alleles provide protective and cosmetic covers for your prosthesis.

Peer visitation

Ronnie is an Amputee Coalition Certified Peer Visitor. He does visits across the region for new amputees.

Non-profit Partner

We work directly with the 50 legs foundation to help provide prosthetic care to those who don’t have access in the United States.

Community is a huge part of what we do, and once you come in, you are family! Don’t be surprised if we try and get you out for a walk on the river front or through the beautiful Tennessee mountains.

I’ve been on my most recent POA socket for over two years. I just did a ten day road trip that included seven days of climbing, my leg is healthy!

Dave Klar

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